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Chugging Along

Well, it seems that things are going okay. This past Tuesday was a long meeting. There were multiple awards to hand out, all the initial business of the first meeting of the year, and so on. We didn't get out until 9 PM, which is really something we need to try and avoid. Life would be a lot easier if we didn't have the Chapter/Council meetings back-to-back.

Some of the proposals I made seemed to be met with a lot of skepticism - but quiet skepticism. I am remaining optimistic. One thing that I'm proud of is that with the exception of one part where I skipped a short section, I have got the ritualistic opening/closing down really well.
I'm excited to see what kind of change I can help affect here, and how I can help my Chapter & Council grow.
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The Kirby Bible Lecture

Bible Lecture R∴W∴ Jerry Nelson Kirby, Past Grand Master of Masons in Texas My brother, there comes a time in the life of every man, when it seems that no friend can be depended upon, and he is left entirely to his own resources. The lesson of tonight fitly illustrates such a condition. Upon reflection, you will doubtless remember that among the first things brought to your attention in your masonic career was this old book, and you were told that it alone was to be the rule and guide to your faith and practice. At each succeeding step in your advancement, you have been reminded that it would guide you to all truth, direct your path to the temple of happiness, and point out to you the whole duty of man.

And now, at this most auspicious hour, when surrounded by those who would take you by the hand as a brother, and in whose every heart you can have no doubt of a sincere wish for your future happiness, let me impress upon your mind in the most lasting and substantial manner possible:  …

When "No Coming Back" was a While Back

Tomorrow night is my first meeting as the presiding officer in my Chapter and Council. I've been working on the meeting agenda like a madman staring at the wall, looking for hidden messages. There may be such thing as over-preparing, but for now, I'm just gonna roll with it and let myself obsess over it.

I'm going to be proposing some practical stuff, and a bunch of idealistic stuff. It's gonna be great. I really do hope that this is something that the Chapter and Council see as a positive thing. I also have some education lined up for Council, but I don't know if we'll have enough time. I hope we do. 
I'm praying with gratitude for luck, wisdom, and guidance. I guess I'll report back later with results?

The Trust Reposed

Damn, I'm a busy guy.

Yesterday, we had our Craft Lodge installation of officers. I was part of the Knight Templar Standard Guard that presented the colors! Here's the thing, though: we had a ton of things going on!
In the morning, we had to show up to Tarrant Lodge at 8 AM for breakfast and rehearsal. At 9:20 or so, we presented the colors at Tarrant Lodge, then immediately left and drove straight to the Fort Worth Masonic Temple. There, we presented the colors for the Fort Worth Lodge installation, immediately left the room, changed out of the KT gear, changed into suits, and walked back in to be installed as officers in Fort Worth Lodge. 
I was installed as Senior Deacon (a junior officer). However, I don't remember it. I was so sleep-deprived from panicking about sleeping in, that I don't remember presenting the colors or being installed! This is even funnier to me because I was the captain of the flag detail and did all the talking. 
That being said, I'm stil…

Assuming the Role of Leadership

Pray for me, y'all.

It was my profound honor to be installed as the Most Excellent High Priest in my Royal Arch Chapter, and the Thrice Illustrious Master in my Cryptic Council.
For those not familiar with these terms, the Royal Arch Chapter and Cryptic Council are two separate bodies you can join within Masonry after becoming a Master Mason - the MEHP and TIM are, respectively, the "President" of each local body.
I'm very young for a presiding officer. Very, very young. Additionally, I haven't been doing this very long - I've only been a Mason for almost two years, and I've been a York Rite mason for not quite a year and a half. This is truly a trial by fire - not a bad way, I assure you.
I'm grateful to my Companions for electing/installing me. It's kind of terrifying, to be honest, even though this is something I want. I can only hope that this nervousness motivates me to do the best job I can. I know that things will go well, though. Texas Ch…

Waco or Bust

I'm a member of AMD now!

I attended TAMDA Day, which is a Friday/Saturday weekend get-together hosted by the Texas Allied Masonic Degrees Association. Things got started off on Friday night with being initiated into the Order of the Scarlet Cord ("elected to the First Grade"). This was pretty interesting stuff, but I was also a little lost at first - since AMD is a collection of several different Rites & degree systems, you can take them out of order. For the OSC, you "need" to have gone through the Order of the Secret Monitor first! I had a good time, anyway.
In the morning, I was "admitted" a Grand Tiler of Solomon. This was a pretty neat degree to witness. This degree, the Select Master degree in the Cryptic Council, and the Intimate Secretary degree (the 6°) in the A&ASR-SJ Lodge of Perfection, are all descended from the same degree, the Elu des Vingt-Sept, or the Select of the 27. It's very similar to both, but also very different. I…