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Bad Linguistics

Bad Linguistics Gabe engages in shoddy academics.This was originally posted to a private lodge Facebook group for Fort Worth Lodge #148.
Recently, I tried to translate "Mind and Conscience" into both Latin and Hebrew. The Latin translation was very easy: mens et conscientia. Hey, you can see how similar it is, right? When it came to Hebrew, I didn't get to "conscience" for a long time because of the rabbit hole that "mind" lead down. The Hebrew word for "conscience," by the way, is מַצְפּוּן or matspon, which means "conscience" or "scruple," and anciently meant "hidden treasure." That's a discussion for another time, I think.
So, anyway, what does the word "mind" look like in Hebrew?
Well, that's not a simple question with a simple answer. Both in contemporary Hebrew and the Hebrew of the Tanakh / Old Testament, there are many words which are translated to English and the Romance languages as …

"...but he needs knowledge of the TRUE secrets of Freemasonry."

"...but he needs knowledge of the TRUE secrets of Freemasonry." Today, in "My Brothers in [Non-Specified Appendant Body] are Driving Me Up the Wall..." I attended a function recently as the guest of one of my Brothers, along with a MM from one of my sister lodges. Was not able to attend the meeting itself, obviously, but was allowed to join in for a hearty dinner and listen to a pretty good talk on the book of Ecclesiastes. Fascinating stuff. Shook a lot of hands, met a lot of new people.

Anyway, I had two exchanges, one short and one long/frustrating, with Brothers I already know. The short one feels like it played into the longer one.

After the dinner, I talked to a Brother I knew, commenting on how well we had been received. "Oh, absolutely, I had no doubt that you'd love it. [NSAB] is the best, friendliest body in all the Fraternity. You just can't compare." I brushed this one off because we had very definitely been greeted with open arms. I …

The Prep Room

The Prep Room Maybe not quite the Chamber of ReflectionThis was originally posted to a private lodge Facebook group for Fort Worth Lodge #148.
These are some notes on a reddit comment by V∴I∴ Brother Jason Mitchell, on the subject of how the Room of Preparation should be set up. All I've done is format it for ease of reading.
The Prep Room is ritual space. It is not a closet. It is not storage. It is not a utility room. It is just as "sacred" as the Lodge room proper, the altar, and the VSL itself. Clean out your prep room, and make it "sacred" ritual space.
The Prep Room experience is part of the ritual. It should be one candidate at a time (never exceed one candidate). It is not a locker room. The Candidate should feel midly unwelcome, and the Officers present need to be coldly professional and oppressively silent. There are no smiles in the prep room. There is no joviality in the prep room. Before the Candidate knocks on the door, he needs at least one heart…