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Rant on Degree Work

Rant on Degree Work Gabe loses his Compasses for a bit. If you volunteer for a part in a degree, you should actually know that part and be able to deliver it.

We had an FC degree today for an EA who has been waiting quite a while. Very happy for him since he has been putting a lot of effort into the work. I had been reading up on the JW position in case we needed to fill in chairs since I had heard we were going to be a lighter crowd that usual - I usually play the part of the JD because I like to play with light switches.

I was initially slated to be the JW pro-tem, but was shortly told that I would be JD, as one of our older brothers from out of state had asked to contribute to the degree. Not a big deal, since he's older and doesn't get to do much, so I stepped aside, but in the interest of full disclosure, I really actually was pretty excited to sit in the South for this degree, and was kind of bummed out. However, I do like light switches...

Anyway, this fellow was raise…