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"The Order of Judas Maccabeus" by R∴W∴ Raymond Beardsly

"The Order of Judas Maccabeus" by R∴W∴ Raymond Beardsly Swords and Jesus no, Swords and Jews yes. I was trying to find out some more info about this Order when it came up a couple of days ago. Found a PDF called "The Pyramid Texts" and figured it would be useful to have this in a more web-friendly format.

If you want to read more articles like this, I think that the Philalethes Society actually offers an optional CD with a massive back catalogue of articles.
THE ORDER OF JUDAS MACCABEUS Raymond R. Beardsley The Philalethes - October 1991 In the mid-1970's, a group of York Rite Masons met in the Rochester area of upstate New York to consider the initiation of a new organization with the purpose of eventually proposing it as a new Body to be incorporated in the York Rite of Freemasonry. The inception of this idea had emanated from the fertile brain of the late Brother Herman Sarachan, often referred to as Mr. Mason in the Rochester area. Brother Sarachan had a d…