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The Quest for Judas Maccabeus

The Quest for Judas Maccabeus A New Obsession Founder of the Order of Judas Maccabeus, Brother Herman Sarachan:

My latest obsession is one that I've touched on before in the article I shared by R∴W∴ Raymond Beardsley. For those of you that have not yet heard of the Order of Judas Maccabeus, it was an order founded in New York State by a group of brothers seeking a non-Christian alternative to Commandery. The founding of the Order did involve Masons from many aspects of the Craft, including representatives and leaders from the NYS grand bodies of Chapter, Council, and Commandery.
One of my goals has been to reach out to brothers that were involved in the Order. This has proved to be very difficult. Many of the men involved in OoJM have passed away, or don't have an online presence, which makes reaching out a lot more difficult! When I first read the article by Brother Beardsley, I figured that I should try and see if I could contact him. That is when I found out that he had pa…

The Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel Competitive Brotherhood The Grand Lodge of Texas (AF&AM) 64th District Traveling Gavel:

Tonight we had the privilege of visiting Handley Lodge. It was a pretty great experience! They had, up to this point, been the holders of the GLoTX 64th District Traveling Gavel. This was a program that was originally started by my lodge (148). In order to capture the gavel, your lodge has to show up with 7 or more brothers. The visit can be either during a stated meeting, or a called meeting. If multiple lodge attempt a capture, whichever lodge has the most lodges present takes it home, with a coin toss being the method used to break ties.

The brothers from Handley welcomed us with open arms and we had an absolutely great time. This was a very well-attended stated meeting! Even Arlington Lodge (438, I think) sent a contingent of brothers in their own attempt to make a capture. At one point, someone from Sweet Home Lodge tried to see if there were enough plural members of S…