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Instruction Certification & Royal Arch Degree

Gettin' Official Well, it seems that I finally went and got myself official. As of Saturday (the 25th), I am officially certified by the Grand Lodge of Texas to teach the memory work for degree proficiencies, and the opening of all four lodges (the fourth being the Lodge of Sorrows).
Initially, I drove all the way to Phoenix Lodge in Weatherford. When I got there, just before the forum (degree exemplification and general Q&A) at 9 am, I was asked, "Hey brother! Are you here for the Commandery Work Day?" My confusion must have beeen pretty evident. I quickly explained that I was there for the exam certification, and was then told that it had been postponed to next weekend. The paper copy of the schedule posted up in the dining hall had been the same one as on the PDF I had on my phone; however, the paper version had a correction on it, in pen. The PDF, naturally, did not have this change.
At this point, I settled in the hallway, hanging out with some brothers I knew …

Advanced to the Honorary Degree of Mark Master!

MMM, delicious Today I was advanced to the honorary degree of Mark Master Mason! I was one of three candidates. It was a fun and interesting experience. The degree team did a great job despite having a bunch of peoople missing - those filling in did very admirably. There was joviality (something very strange compared to my Blue Lodge experience) and quiet, solemn moments. Overall, it was a pretty wonderful time. Next stop: Virtual Past Master and Most Excellent Master!

Handley Lodge Captures the Travel Gavel

Handley Lodge Captures the Travel Gavel

Where the magic happens:

Last night was pretty great!
Fort Worth Lodge had its stated meeting night, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many visitors - at first only minorly so, then majorly so. I shared the elevator with three or four brothers from Handley Lodge on the way up to our dining hall... Then I quickly realized, as the time went on, that they were coming out in force! Our little dining hall was packed. Handley Lodge brought out 15 brothers to come help take the travel gavel.
The Grand Lodge of Texas (AF&AM) 64th District Traveling Gavel:

The room was abuzz with excitement. Many of the Fort Worth Members were whispering to each other over the food - cooked on the Fort Worth Lodge #148 Smoker, of course - as we were and are totally psyched to get so many visitors. I pro-tem'd the Senior Deacon's part, and began running around the dining hall, collecting names and titles as fast as I could.
The time to file into the lo…