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Lighting Test for the Select Master's Degree

This is a lighting test that I am working on with a "JUNOLUX" light bulb. The bulb is about $30, and is comprised of about 100 individual LEDs that turn on and off in order to simulate a flickering flame. The bulb looks kind of odd without a lampshade or cover, but once covered, or hidden behind an object, it looks fairly realistic. There should be mystery in Masonry, and the degrees should be a wild, intense experience. One of the things that we can do to help achieve that is to set the mood with a well-thought-out ambiance. Without giving too much away, the Select Master degree is supposed to take place in a very dark, very secluded area. I talked with a member of the Grand Chapter & Council Committee on Work (the committee which writes our ritual and figures out how degrees should be performed) who explained that the degree should, ideally, be done in almost total darkness. However, doing it in the dark can be pretty impractical. Nobody can see, there’s an increased fal…

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues (Life Update)

It’s been a good while since I last posted something regularly, hasn’t it?

Life has been pretty good - if somewhat challenging - since I last made a normal post (instead of a podcast outline). In terms of my career, personal life, and Masonic involvement, everything is pretty different. Let’s talk about that. One big update, all at once, to get things out of the way.
Career Stuff I’m unemployed at the present moment. I got laid off at the end of this August and have been job hunting since then. Well, actually, I started job hunting well before then, but you get the idea. I got a nice severance package, and I have savings, so I’m okay.
The main challenge that I have been experiencing is just getting to the job interview. A lot of times, it doesn’t go any further than the application - and then the inevitable rejection comes. The second challenge lies in the fact that I majored in a few narrow field of study - petroleum engineering. Granted, my career experience is primarily computer si…