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The Trust Reposed

Damn, I'm a busy guy.

Yesterday, we had our Craft Lodge installation of officers. I was part of the Knight Templar Standard Guard that presented the colors! Here's the thing, though: we had a ton of things going on!

In the morning, we had to show up to Tarrant Lodge at 8 AM for breakfast and rehearsal. At 9:20 or so, we presented the colors at Tarrant Lodge, then immediately left and drove straight to the Fort Worth Masonic Temple. There, we presented the colors for the Fort Worth Lodge installation, immediately left the room, changed out of the KT gear, changed into suits, and walked back in to be installed as officers in Fort Worth Lodge. 

I was installed as Senior Deacon (a junior officer). However, I don't remember it. I was so sleep-deprived from panicking about sleeping in, that I don't remember presenting the colors or being installed! This is even funnier to me because I was the captain of the flag detail and did all the talking. 

That being said, I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep, but man, I'm so happy that I'm going to be able to serve my lodge in an official capacity!